Wanted Leathers

as i’m now on my mission to get the bike back on the road i’m looking for some leathers.

I cannot afford to pay £300-400 though so something that maybe you have had lying around doing nothing for a while.

1 piece or 2 (probably prefered). let me know my vital are

5’10 34" waste 31/32" leg little beer belly on top but nothing to major…

so let me know what you got

I’ve got a suit that’s been lying around for a while - old school black one-piece.

Dainese from memory.

juat going to bump this up a bit, as still looking.

hi i have bks 2 piece leathers blue jacket approx 44 chest zip out aero lining trousers approx 34 waist zip out aero lining suit old school bmw rider good condition heavy leather £100 im in sw london to view fit buy please phone 07544732986 thanks steve





Alex G got his for 25 quid from ebay. If you picked up a set like that you could budget a bit to get Wasp to make them look respectable. Elad got a good deal on his, again from ebay.

Anyway get some and get yourself out. I haven’t seen you since the treasure hunt which was just over a year ago.

He has got some now(i know as he texted me;) )

hi i am open to offers on the bks leathers im in all day today steve

Can you not read? He already bought a set :stuck_out_tongue:

Best stick yours on fleabay:D

yer sorry for the late one’s guy but as Wasp said I bought some now, thanks for the replies though.