wanted: jacket size 12

looking for a jacket under 50 quid
around a size 12
preferably something a bit warm for the winter

I’ve got a Richa textile jacket that I don’t use anymore, would be toasty for the winter, I’d need to check the size though as I think it may be a 10, will let you know asap :slight_smile:

cool thanks :slight_smile:

Got a repsol one, a black leather with Taz on the back one!:w00t:
and a few others kicking about somewhere just not sure what size they are!!

Here you go chick :slight_smile:


Well spotted Sherrie :smiley: Rukka is good stuff as well, that will keep you nice and warm in the winter fishface :slight_smile: And I think it comes with the trousers too!! Bargain :smiley: