Wanted: I need a hunk....

… of junk, or pieces of bikes that can be re-constituted into a road legal 125.

Ok, “junk” might be a bit harsh but I really don’t mind doing some rudimentary work on it so long as it passes the MOT. Was thinking of CG/YBR/SR/Rebel type of machines that has a lower street cred and (hopefully) less attractive to thieves.

Any suggestions?

you need to find the member called boris, he has an SR last I knew

damn… and I thought I was in :stuck_out_tongue: Well… I am a hunk o junk :w00t::hehe:

LOL!!! I recon you’re worth more than my itty-bitty budget :slight_smile:

Don’t flatter him like that, he’s probably not:D

No but his fuel bill would be ridiculous… he drinks like a fish! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

lol. Any thread where theres a bit of puntang posting up your always sniffing around it…

Like a fox round a binbag you are…:doze:

He’s probably right :stuck_out_tongue:

U calling PP a binbag? :pinch:

Not the way to win em over :smiley: