WANTED: Honda CBR 125

Looking for a Honda CBR 125 maximum price 900, been looking for ages but looking to hold out until after Christmas to see what pops up but if you know someone or are selling yours then let me know.

Unless you add another £400/500 to your budget then you’re going to be waiting an awfully long time mate (and even then - you’ll only get one that is rough around the edges) … you might get really lucky if people are desparate for money after Christmas and the weather is still sh*t … but it isn’t likely … and IMHO … you should set your sights on a slightly less “desirable” 125 for that sort of money. Honda CG/Yamaha YBR etcGood luck though :wink:

Cheers mate,

Yeah I was going to get the CG but after doing my CBT on one & then riding my friends CBR i just fell in love with the bike, there are a few that are within my price range its just a matter of looking, i’ll update you with what I get & show you if I buy one :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen any in that budget either unless they are in very poor condition. It’s worth saving a bit longer, at least it’ll hold value. I learnt on a CBR125R and loved it, only had it 4 weeks from new though, then passed my DAS, regret selling it as i got an awful price!

Ouch !!

I’ve been looking & spoken to a friend of a friend & he’s going to sell me his 05 Repsol CBR for 900 15,000 miles on the clock, MOT until Sep '11 & Tax until Aug '11, Bike is in Immaculate Condition, just got to go & pick it up from kent, should be a fun ride back, good thing is when I do my test & choose to sell it I’ll put it up for its original price which was 1200…

what and then pay your mate back the £300? Make sure you don’t wreck it before you get the chance to flog it on!!

Dunno depends whether he wants the £300 may just make a profit for myself, depends on the mileage & how clean i keep it lol oh & i’ll try not to smash it up before flogging it on :wink:

It’s not in dartford is it? :slight_smile:

No the bike was in Maidstone Kent :slight_smile: