Wanted: Graphic Designer for some LB work!

Normally we do our own artwork in-house (i.e. I do it), but I’m no designer and whilst we are looking to work with a designer on a perm basis, right now we’re looking for someone to do us a simple A4 advert for inclusion in a brochure.

Do we have any capable designers amongst our flock who could help us out here? It’s for this weekend. Very simple, high-res logo available.

Any help appreciated. It could be a very good opportunity for the right person as well as it may lead to more (paid) work. This task isn’t paid though.

i’m very good with photoshop.
but i’m pre-press/litho…and today is waaaay to busy to do private jobs!

theres quite few Graphic Designers on here…c’mon step up!:smiley:

Our guy is off till early next week so can’t help you for this weekend but could help you in future if you want. He has worked on a number of bike related projects in the past

Im a Graphic designer!!!

www.intalex.co.uk :smiley:

i’m a designer too fella but phantom’s welcome to this one if he wants it. got a large weekend planned so won’t be able to give any time to it i’m afraid. def be interested in future work though so just pm me if you think there’s anything i can help with. do everything from concept through to print, retouching etc :slight_smile:

<-- Also a graphic designer (well actually a senior designer) :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’m finishing for the day at 2. Terrible Deadline jay! Have you got any more of a steer for your ad? You must have a whole heap of images to use also? C’mon Jay where is the brief?


Same for me but Im have alot on too so you are very welcome to this one also…

Oh ok, well I’m a senior designer too with over 13 years of experience in print + some web, if you want to get all labeleee :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL Easy Grandad, I only graduated in ‘99’ - Ravensbourne don’t cha know! :smiley: On wait a minute that was 10 years ago???

  • Jay sorry I cant help today. Perhaps we should form a LB-GD committiee? That was you can take from a pool of designers according to strengths print/web/multimedia? And what kind of a Deadline is a saturday?

only with bikers can something like this turn into a big c*ck competition! :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, I’m staying out of this one as I’m a Layyydee :w00t:

*Graduated in '97 :wink:

Ha - looks like Lusty and Phant graduated before me. I’ll hang my head in shame. But at least I’m younger!

But you could be a judge though right:w00t:

Is that Who IS? or Who HAS?;):stuck_out_tongue:

well yeah i can do if you like. unless you’re going to enter fella in which case it’d be a unanimous decision :wink:

Why thank you young man:D

Hopefully this is sorted.

If not – I’m a Very-Everso-Senior Top Boy Graphic Designer with average-sized genitalia (you can’t have everything!) :smiley:

Someone telling porkies :D:D:P:P

:ermm: are you trying to say I’m not a layyydee Steve? [sulk]
How very rude :crying: