Wanted: Fully licensed rider who knows what to look for in a used bike.

As you know, i’m looking at a GSXR.

All i’ve got is internet buying guides and its not restricted to 33bhp so I cant ride it.

Need a test pilot and someone to help me check that all is well.

I’m hoping to go on wednesday, on the train (£30 return ticket)

I cant offer you much but you’ll get to have a blast on a 1993 GSXR and an adventure!

Please let me know if you can help.

Why don’t you just ride it yourself, the bike will only go as fast as you make it.

Not 33bhp restricted. He’ll likely want to hold on to my license or at least see it. He’ll see i’m restricted and refuse to let me ride it.

It’s never happened to me.

I’ll see.