Wanted: Datatool Therma Grips

Anyone got these in storage somewhere?

I had them on a previous bike and they were spectacular, can’t find them online they’ve been discontinued and everywhere out of stock.

They were the hottest heated grips I’ve ever had, they autoswitch off with the bike, and are controlled by an integrated dial on left handlebar. Heat output was the winner though

Any other suggestions welcome, I’ve had many different high end variants of the Oxford range and I find them all to be crap, sorry

ive got the ultimate addon ones with integrated controls and find the great

had a bit of an issue hitting the button when using the indicator, but now ive angled them down that seems to have mostly stopped, and their pictures show it with the grip button higher than the indicator anyway

Sorry forgot to check back in for a reply

I did see these as the design looks similar, did see this pretty much in most of the reviews. How much heat do they kick out?

More than enough I think, I’ve not had them on full yet, but also on a bike i don’t really ride in the winter