Wanted Cheap PS2

as long as it works and is cheap im interested. my PS2 is fubard and im not really interested in a ps3 / xbox 360 ect…

hardly use it aswell. all i need is the console. So if you have one please let me know.

thanks :slight_smile:

i’ll ask my brother if he wants to sell his one it’s just sitting in my PS3 box at the moment. seems unfair us having a PS2, PS3, and an XBOX 360:P

ok thanks mate :slight_smile:

any news mate?

sorry i haven’t seen him yet as he works nights i’ll find out for you over the weekend.

no can do sorry. he says he wants to keep it to play dvd’s and he’s still got a few games for it…not that it’s been touched in months;)

Ebay mate.:slight_smile:

ok cheers :slight_smile:

ye i have got one mate. comes with memory card and one black and one grey controller. 20 quid

All sorted now thanks to Garret :smiley: