Wanted - cheap 125

Morning all ,

a mate of mine has just passed his CBT and was looking for something to practice on till he goes for his DAS.

Anyone looking or know of a cheap 125 please let me know.


I know of someone selling a suzuki marauder for £300. not run for 2 years but S-reg with 2500 miles. depends if your mate wants to put some work in

What needs doing Mi ?

How cheap are you loking at?

I’m selling my Baby Vara at the moment. That’s great for practicing for a DAS as it’s as big as a “big bike” but nice and nippy. I’m looking for £2850 but I can come down a ways if that’s of interest. PM me if so.

I got all excited there! Thought Rachel might have been considering doing her CBT! :slight_smile:

brakes need a service and the fluids changing.

Sounds good , Mian , Any chance of a picture I can send him ?

I’ve asked the seller for piccies