Wanted 2-bike trailer to rent

I need to get hold of a 2-bike trailer for Tues 13th - Mon 19th July, to transport a TDM900 (200kgish) & KTM 690SMC (150kgish) to North Wales.

Does anyone know of a decent (and good value - read cheap!) place to use within striking distance of North London or Luton?

Happy to pay an LBer if they have one available.

Thanks all. :satisfied:

no recommendations but i do know if you type the details eg motorbike trailer to rent into a certain auction site this does have listings available


Poldark, if you take a look at the ‘Trackdays’ section Rixxy has posted about hiring his trailer. Drop him a line.

Sorry, not sure how to copy and paste the link!

Erm, surely that’s what I did last night!

You certainly did. Would help if I read all the posts!!!