Want to win a Yamaha R1?

Go to Morrisons ( yes, the supermarket people, no, I can’t be arsed to post a link) web site.

They have a competition just starting.

Oh. And you also get the chance to win tickets to the British Moto Grand Prix.

this one? http://www.ccecompetitions.com/monster/forms/monster/

cheers :smiley:


You’d only sell it to pay the difference up to the HP4! :smiley:

worth a shout, never win anything however

Hope you entered, OG, we’d love to see you on an R1:)

(PS- How’s yer tortoise?)

Me? R1? I don’t think so. If nothing else I just don’t fit, I’ve tried. Now if it were a Monster…

Tortoise? Well the lazy bugger aint woken up yet so spring has not officially started in Kent.

Sod the daffodils, it’s the tortoise that decides when spring starts. I hope that’s soon 'cos I still have the thermal liner in the jacket and it’s been a bit toasty of late.

entered lol

But never win anything



Do you think anyone that didn’t tick the first box has a chance? (they wouldn’t if I was the one giving free bikes away :smiley: )

You know me so well :smiley: