Wallington motorcycle parking

Just wondering if anyone in the Wallington area knows whether or not you can park motorcycles on the pavement sensibly? (i.e not causing an obstruction)

Have seen bikes parked up on the pavement between the bicycle rack along wallington high st before but no idea if they are just chancing it or not

Been on the Sutton council site and a few others but can find anything either way, all ive been able to find is a few pages detailing the car parks and bays that offer bike parking.

While im on the subject if anyone’s able to confirm the status for pay and displays bays also that would be good. (assuming bikes have to pay but didn’t see anything explicitly stating either way)

Hey rob, unless the signage says they can park on the pavement they are chancing it. It would “clear” to see if you could actually do it or not.

I followed the masses on this once came back to a parking ticket so learnt my lesson.

Parking a motorcycle on the pavement in London always was illegal, not heard of any legislation that changes that. London is different to the rest of the UK where it is mostly OK to park a motorcycle on the pavement providing the motorcycle is not causing an obstruction.

Hello Rob, There are two car parks in Shotfield, the one next to Wallington library has a dedicated motorbike parking bay and is free to park. I’ve used it while visiting the medical centre quite a few times without any issues.


Thanks for the replies all. :slightly_smiling_face: