Walking home

In your 6 inch high heeled slut boots is NOT the one!!!

It’s 3.30am and I should be asleep.

My feet are throbbing. I’ve been dancing all night and then I walked the 2 miles home in the bitter cold.


take the boots off or hide a pair of non slut boots around the corner and why are they slut boots haha

Because they make men act stupid.

They call em taxis .

Haha…I always take them off and walk…or if I’m lucky enough, I get carried home…I’m small enough :smiley:

pics or its not true … not of feet but six inch slut boots firmly attached to them …and hey why not the rest of yah :stuck_out_tongue:

damn theory proved fully by previous post

Taking your boots off is tacky which i why i always carry a spare pair of my diddy shoes :smiley:

you werent drunk enough if you could still feel the pain…:laugh:

As I was walking down the high street some kid was laying on the pavement completely out of his nut. I sat him up, held his head whilst he threw up everywhere and called everyone in his phonebook until someone came to get him. I then had to drag him out to the road and prop him up outside a church haha. Poor kid man, he was in a proper state.

By the time all this happened I had sobered up a lil. I wasn’t that drunk though, I’m trying to be good and not get too caned. I would’ve got a cab but the amount of people outside was stupid and there’s always trouble there.

This thread is complete bollox why did I start it?

That was me last night too! Christ, what a night! :ermm:

Walking home drunk in high heels is a fine art which needs years of practice;)

including such boots? :w00t:

well done for helping that guy :slight_smile: i’m sure he will appreciate it when he starts getting flash backs :smiley:

6inch boots - ouch, i can understand your pain, even though my shoes are mainly under this length for obvious reason.

with regards to 2miles, try doing 3.5 miles at night with high boots on ( not as high as yours though) from kingston upon thames to hampton station - walking down that road is like looking for oasis in a desert, it’s almost like some sort of punishment and therapy at the same time. but recently i’ve done something over 4miles walking at night due to getting off at the wrong station, i gotta stop doing this to myself really.

but hey you’ve saved money :smiley:

Good legs dont need high heels:cool:

I also met a horny Santa who asked me to feel his sack :w00t: and some trash clown on the bus WITH HIS 2 KIDS looked me up and down and said ‘I’ld love to shag a goth’ :blink:

God bless my slut boots.

want a foot massage?

No, not from you mate.