VTR1000 firestorm 2001

so the insurance wrote of my firestorm on a CAT D and have offered for me to buy it back…which I’m going to but I’m not going to fix it up, I’m just trying to get the last bit of meat from the bone…  I’m offering it here before i put it on evil-bay and to the vultures 
so the details 
it is a 2001(Y) 25,000miles engine was very sound just had it serviced about 1000m ago along with front & back wheel bairing’s as well as the head Bairing, 
manual CCT, braided hoses, dynojet kit, high level remus exhaust …no damage to the tank, exhaust, or tail unit. 

so now the damage what i could see to it 

cracked engine casing, both front fairings, indicators, levers right side and a scuff on the front wheel…probably wouldn’t take a lot to get back on road and even less for the track 

Id like to get £650 ono

I’ve always wanted one of these but I don’t have the room :( 

some pictures might help you sell it, particularly of the engine crack

when i get it back from the insurance i will take some and put them up…
its not a cracked engine… just the casing easy replace 

I’d like to see it too.

They are sexy beasts those Firestorms…

You could do with another project, right timmy?

Ha! One at a time me_groovy, one at a time.

here are the pics








I am interested mate can you pm a number please

pm mate

Do you still have this?

I’m going to clean mine and put her up forsale … pictures up shortly