Vote for Britain's best biker cafe

Some good choices to choose from.
But which places have they missed?

No Ace Cafe?!

Been past that Caffeine & Machine many times, but never stopped by, always seems rammed with boona racers in pimped up cars.

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Silver Ball on the A10 south of Royston does me. But then I am an Old Git!

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Surprised The Bike Shed has such a low number of votes


It’s a hipster hangout!


Not been to any of those on the list.
Does the tea hut at High Beech count as a cafe ?

I was at the Bike Shed about a month ago so that gets my vote, food was great, nice atmosphere etc, will definitely go back.

Fck yeah :slight_smile: I like it - real cute Milf serving the coffee when I last went

Sadly Fulham Tarts didn’t make the shortlist.

Might have to pop up there this week then. :+1:

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There’s a reason the ace isn’t on there.

It’s not a good biker cafe.


I like the little cafe in Bike Stop, Stevenage.

Super Sausage - Another very good cafe. I’ve been there several times, only once was disappointed with their fried eggs which were all snotty. All other times, fine.

Silver Ball - Only three stars on its best days. It really is greasy spoon place.

Bike Shed - Of the four meals I’ve had there, only was was great. Three, I’d sent back as they weren’t hot enough, one was returned twice. Because of that, I didn’t go to the last LB Christmas meal there.

Super Sausage got my vote. Nose bagged there many times and its always been good, unlike Jack’s greasy spoon on the other side of town that we no longer visit

12" Cumberlands in a torpedo, bangers & mash, all day breakies, liver & bacon, 4 egg omelettes, cheese burgers etc. They do all that and then some and and its all good.


Bikers Cove with nearly 30% of the vote is a tea hut FFS

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