A device I saw at the bike show that some of you might be interested in. It straps on your left hand over your glove, wipe it one way and it washes your visor, wipe it the other direction and it squeegees the water off.


Very interesting. Someone should get one and review it for us.


Had one sent in for review a couple of years ago. Not bad little device, still use it from time to time on my gloves without a built in wiper blade. Full write up here:-

Do find the sponge dries out very quickly if not dampened for a day or too, but overall not too bad a little gadget.


There you go Jay


My Rukka gloves have a mini-wiper blade sewn into the index finger of the left hand and it works really well on a rained-on visor.


Yup, my Gerbings gloves are similar. Where I found the Visorcat worked great was on dry summer days when you had a face full of fly guts. A couple of wipes with the soapy sponge and mini wiper soon washed and cleared your visor. Granted sometimes a little tricky todo at speed, but quick and easy enough to do when you stop for a couple of seconds at a junction/traffic lights.


I find dry days in winter when the roads are still wet are the worst, you get a fine mist of grimy road spray over the visor and when you try to wipe it off it just smears and dries.

I keep an old damp washing up sponge behind the screen at the moment but that could be a slightly more elegant solution.


Mike Hailwood’s sponge ball :+1:


and only £40.00 when you donate the left over rattle to the charity box