Virtual Bike to help improve saftey

saw this on the BBC site, if you look at the bit where the guy is actually riding it, he leans and his road position on the screen does not!!

i wonder how the compensate for the faster you go, the more you tend to lean, but if its actually stationary, it just wont feel right having pneumatic arms holding you up

I wonder… If you get it wrong on screen, does the bike throw you off into a real tree? :stuck_out_tongue:

pfff simulator my @$$… no dead bugs on your visor? :stuck_out_tongue:

or is that one of the next additions:

getting a freshman to spit dead flies at you… thus having the flies and patchy rain we have gotten lately!


its for people who like the idea of bikes, but are too scared

You may poo poo this idea, but I remember yrs ago, before I ever got on 2 wheels, going to Matlock and seeing in the front of an amusement arcade a bike riding game with about 6 seats, each one with a bloke or girl in full power ranger leathers, playing the hell out of it, with their sportsbikes parked just outside :D:D