Virgin Media Engineer?

Bit of a longshot, but are there any Virgin Media engineers on here?

Theyre allegedly coming to fix my broadband today between 12 - 4, yet when I check online it says I dont have any engineers appointments booked (I’ve received two calls since last week confirmign the appointment).

Anyway, I’m not home for the engineer and in any event I believe its a problem with the exchange or the splitter outside the house. It could also be the isolator on the box internally.

My instinct tells me that I will arrive home to a dead connection either books the visit wont go ahead or they wont deal with it without me being home…

So, are there any engineers on here who I could pay to deal with this “out of hours” if required?!


Sadly not a Virgin engineer, but the last time I had a problem they promised an engineer who didnt show, but magically the broadband started working.

Other probs were resolved by them sending me a new modem after they had replaced 140 meters of cable to no effect!

On both occasions the fault was the broadband dropping out. Obviously I dont know if this is your problem, but hopefully of some use

Good Luck.

i’ve had no phone line for 3 weeks now, and cant report it, as its an 0845 number and i’m not going to phone that from my mobile. i am going to dispute all the charges when i do report it though.

anyone know an email address to report it on??

What a surprise!!

The engineer didn’t turn up on Monday between 12-4PM. Nope, instead I received a voicemail at 7PM to advise that the engineers van had broken down and he wouldnt be attending. So they leave that voicemail 3 hours after the latest time on which the engineer was due to turn up?!!!

It’s all OK though. It was re-scheduled for today.

What’s that? The engineer has had a death in the family and gone home on compassionate leave?

Yes. That’s todays story. I receive a call at 2.30PM to advise me of this.

Engineer re-scheduled for Thursday now.

If I see a Virgin van on the way home I’m going to run it off the road and kidnap the bloody driver!!!

Last time I tried to get virgin they came round etc to install it…Geezer pulled up on a Mini Digger and said

“Right we shouldn’t be long”

I said “Fook me,What the **** is that for pal you expecting timeteam?”

He replied “Na its for The Virgin cable”

I said “Fook me mate your laying 10mm cable not digging for gold, where they get you from, Jog on dimlo”

Told em to do one,Bunch of muppets