viper exhaust?

need some:ermm: advice seen a set of end cans on e bay made by viper, any one got these on their bike are they any good , as i have not seen this make around!!!


I know a chap who has a viper end can on a 1250 bandit. Sounds awsome. However, just check which version you buy - road legal or race can. Road legal is stamped etc. Don’t think the race cans are legal. Depends whether you care or not. They are quite reasonable in price from new. If you were considering new cans another great make is BEOWULF. Good price, hand made by english company and lifetime guarantee. I have one on my bike and they sound great. Come with removable baffle which make them road legal when in. Hope this helps.

A friend of mine had one on a old CBR 600 and its sounded awsome, The built quality isnt the best but there a budget can so what do you expect.

I have a pair for my VTR but they are still iin the box. They do sound awesome when rattled though:D

The build quality don’t look bad for the price. I plan to shorten mine a bit though:cool:

i had one on the hornet, put it up there with scorpian cans imho.

preferd the viper to the micron i had aswell.

iam getting one fitted tomorrow…been cut down…stubby viper race can should sound good…:w00t: