[video] Ryan F9, fuel stabilisers

Typically excellent video.

Only (mostly) in America (for now)

Ethanol is the bad boy here, we all knew that but thanks for the confirmation and the summing up is priceless unlike the ramblings of Trump Johnson and Co.

Note the narrator’s storage crime is committed in the US of A where more or less all gas is more or less 10% ethanol? The summing up is priceless - No/less ethanol no/less storage problem, if in fact there is a storage problem here in the UK! How’s that you ask, because here in the UK we play cricket (see what I did there) and our 95 octane unleaded petrol is mostly only 5% ethanol (E5) and better still our 91, 97 and 99 octane unleaded petrols are mostly but not always ethanol free! Look out for the information labels on the pumps next time you fill up. At least that was the situation when I last looked, obviously Brexit, COVID19 and all that jazz will probably change what we’re being offered at some point in the future.

Alas most superunleaded is E5. I know because I generally prefer super because it contains no ethanol and E5 is not good because the 990 has a spun nylon tank.

But filling up this year I have noticed that more and more superunleaded nozzles are now marked with E5.

E5 and B7 (diesel with 7% biodiesel) pump markings have been introduced ahead of plans for E10 becoming the requirement for premium petrol.

“Premium” petrol, obviously, being normal basic petrol (95 octane) since “regular” petrol (91 octane) was discontinued years ago.

“Super” petrol (97 and 99 octane) would be required to remain at E5.

E10 petrol has been legal in the E.U. since 2011, so motorcycle manufacturers released a compatibility list. In the Netherlands, Denmark, and several Eastern European countries over 90% of petrol sold is now E10. It makes up roughly half of the petrol sold in France.

TL/DR So what do we use for storage?

Do we need to use anything?

When I broke my hand I had Asda 95 unleaded in The 250 for 8 months without any noticeable issues.

Empty out the tank.

Fill it with E5 (Super always will be) for the final time you ride before storing.

Ride it over winter instead of SORNing it, even if just on the odd dry day.

My bike sat outside untouched for over five months due to the Covid restrictions and was fine.

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