[video] Ogmios School of Zen Motoring Ep 1 - Scooter Boys | ASMR DASHCAM

Given recent discussions on road rage, this is apt.

Most amusing. Its a shame the narrators driving, like that of many dash cam warriors before him, fell below par on so many occasions. I spotted 7 minors although one or two will no doubt be considered a little borderline or maybe i should just stay focused and correct my own bad driving habits.

Not watched it yet but episode two follows on and I’m sure it’ll be as entertaining as episode one. I even subscribed to Omigos’s Youtube channel.

Ok I’ve binged out on the School of Zen

Strangely addictive soporific narration.

Minor point: he’s proud of himself not running over the pedestrian at 2 mins 33. He shouldn’t be, Highway Code rule 170 requires him to give way in that situation.

That’s dash cam Warriors for you, entertaining all the same

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