Video of Westminster council towing a bike away

Is this your bike being removed by some Westminster Council operatives?

The signs to suspend this bike bay were first put up on Tuesday 25th Aug. That morning the bike was given it’s first ticket. It was given a ticket each day until the last day of suspension, when Westminster took the bike away, even though it wasn’t causing an obstruction.
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well that’s one way to show people how to get around having disc locks on there bikes. think it’s a bit dumb to have that video up if you ask me.:blink:

If only bike theives where that slow then we wouldnt have so many bikes stolen.

I want my 5 minutes back!

not really m8, its easy enough to lift the front wheel off the ground anyway, why do you think so many bikes are nicked anyway?

Suzuki RF900/600 makes an ok looking streetfighter - just need to chop off the hideous tail unit.

What a perlava

How many men does it take to move a bike?:wink:

proves the point, its not about making biking bays safe, its not about making biking bays more available, its about rasing cash and keeping their staff occupied…

From the lack of expertise they showed in moving that bike how may are going to get dropped and damaged by them.

Huge chain is needed on the rear wheel and then see how they would have moved it.

So lets say the guy was on holiday and that bay is outside his flat.

His bike had been there since the 24th, on the 25th they put up their signs and ticket him. Then they give him more dumb “can you read? you’ve got the job” tickets. Then tow it…

so imagine that was the residents bay outside you house while your away, you come back to find no signs and no car? and what are the chances the Fines and tickets wont be waved? and what are the chances he’ll have to pay to get his bike back?

love the fact that a taxi came speeding down the road, its a shame it missed them, then again would have been a shame for the bike to get hurt too…

how is it that stealing is not acceptable, but stick a note on a bike to say it needs to pay a fine in order for it not to be “stolen” is acceptable… silly politics!!

yea, something on the rear wheel would have scuppered them!

A bit unfortunate how the guys taking the video didn’t step in and ask questions/ hold the enforcement officers up a little - I would have in the same position.
It would be great if the owner had come back in time and been able to rescue his bike before it was carted off.

(was it taken away in the end?)

What if Westminster had put in the security devices they’ve promised? What if the guy had used the security device and chained his bike to it? Can we expect the removal men to come along with bolt cutters?

I doubt it…they’d just use another of those little trolley jack things. Mind you , they made a proper ar+s of using just one… them using 2 would’ve been more fun to watch…:slight_smile:

Total dumb arses, jesus what were they doing sharing the one brain cell between the three of them:w00t:

The fat one looked like Tyrone outta Snatch:D

Only good thing was that it was an RF which has to have the worst looking back end going, so removed it from the street before women and children complained about the sight of it;)

They caused more of an obstruction and a danger to other road users by removing the bike!!!

dumb dumb dumber

1 big set up i think that was, weird how they were filming it knowing and also that it was there more than a few days, wot bout the charge for the bay now.

Yes i know it couldhave been some1 parking and going on holiday but in case i doubt it.

Nowt wrong in a set up mind just lets see it for wot it is.