[video] Motorcycle vs Car braking lecture

Worth a watch

That’s sobering.

I lost interest at “seven feet, that’s about the length of a car”

That’s very good, but not detailed enough. When he mentioned speed of braking (14:32) did he mean the initial application of braking/friction or the maximum braking being applied? I would like him, actually I would need him, to fully define “threshold” (15:02) as I don’t understand why the threshold “follows us” (15:25). But I am looking at this at nearly half an hour after midnight.

I think you’re expecting too much from this type of YouTube video. I didn’t get as far as you but since he specified the length of a car as about 7 feet you could assume his other figures may be less than accurate too.

You’re quire correct NT. After 27 years of teaching at a technical level, albeit only the chop socky stuff, I do expect a lot from someone posting a technical tuition video. He should be able to teach/present the technical stuff to the non-technical minded.