[video] Hoonigan. Pastrana takeover

This is brilliant, set aside 9 minutes of your day and enjoy this.


All those Police Officers and he never got pulled, no plates so no paperwork in the post either

Tut tut. Ken Block would never have dropped a wheel over the edge like that!

Sort of reminds me of a trip to Sainsbury’s in my old STI.

Enjoyed that :+1:t2:

Headphones on, awesome sound

Oh, my, god. Epic!

That wheel over the water and poor GoPro (clearly they recovered it though) was funny, but holy ****, 150mph down that slick-looking lane with thousands of immovable vertical objects lining it? MENTAL, and how fast was that jump!?

Poor car, poor tyres. What a beast, what a driver. I wonder how many takes it took?