[video] Dumb and Dumber Mini Bike Road Trip

Zak & Ari are two very respected bike journalists in the USA. And this is utterly delightful.



Anyone remember Alvin Straight the 73 year old who was disqualified from obtaining a drivers licence because of his failing eye sight. So he rode a lawn mower complete with trailer and camping kit from Iowa to Wisconsin, a distance of 240 miles which took him six weeks at an average speed of 5 mph.

True storey

We did cringe and laugh at this last night. It’s one of Claire’s favourite movies apparently. Heh. Nutters. I would not have wanted to do that journey!

Our neighbours are going at that pace also

Yep they have a number of pretty good videos on their earlier channel On Two Wheels, before switching to Motor trend and then RevZilla. Read that the economics of content production is a tough tough gig.

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