Video: After the battle

A very interesting video on post-war Britain and attitudes of the people. Also some old shots of London

First transmitted in 1959, American reporter Ed Murrow returns to London where, during the war years, he had broadcast vivid descriptions of Britain during her “finest and darkest hours, trying to report the suffering, the sacrifice and the steadiness of her people” to a listening world.This film features dramatic reports of the Battle of Britain and the Blitz, which gave rise to his celebrated closing phrase “Good night and good luck.” Murrow returned to London to examine “what Britain has done with her years of victory.” He reports from London’s East End which still bore the scars of the wartime raids, the London docks where dockers claim that taxing them for working on Sundays is “the greatest liberty that’s been took by a worker in his life”, and asks London’s younger generation what kind of world they would like to live in. “This is London…” on the brink of the 1960s, from where Murrow argues that post-war hopes for better health, better education, better housing and full employment are falling short of expectations.