[video] 2020 panigale vs 2005 gsxr

This is really bloody interesting.

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Another myth busted - How fast do you want to go? vs How much do you want to spend?

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Hah, yeah, I watched this. Setup, feel and traction count for so much. I’ll always have a soft-spot for the K5 gixxer thou. What a bike. Love the WUB WUB WUB engine on idle.

Also, gotta love that guy’s leathers!

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I’d be more interested in a S1000RR HP4 comparison.

If Ducati have compromised the raw sports handling in favour of road comfort that that is design decision, and probably an appropriate one given the average usage that bike is going to get If you have the money to use it as a dedicated track/race bike then you’re going to make a lot of changes including the suspension.

But still interesting.

Mine’s a 2003 GSXR and I got left standing on the big downhill straight at Aragon last year. Some of that is power and some it’s having no electronics coming onto that straight.

Did the V4S panni guys have more fun? Maybe but not approaching 10 times the fun to justify the cost.

Great watch, thanks for sharing @me_groovy!

I rode a GSXR at motorcycle live last year. Was smooth as butter, lovely ride.