Victoria Embankment speed trap

If anyone commutes along Victoria Embankment they may wish to take extra care if heading west out of Blackfriars underpass.

It seems this may be an accident blackspot, as over the last couple of months I’ve seen City Police 3-4 times with a speed gun talking to bikers opposite Victoria Embankment Gardens Google Maps

It may be the slight bend in the road which is dangerous as they seem to position inside this bend, although this does have the knock on effect of making them slightly harder to see.

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I think you’re giving them slightly too much credit, I’d hazard a guess that this improves revenue :eyes:


Haha of course it does, but I wouldn’t want to encourage speeding now would I. Just warning people of a potentially unsafe stretch of road :slightly_smiling_face:

I find this a strange argument.
The police don’t keep the money from speeding fines so from their point of view it is just a resource cost. I doubt the Met care much about adding few hundred quid extra to the government’s purse.
Am i missing something?


I find it strange that it’s a “TRAP” …

I think you’re missing the point in that if theyre required to get results and by that i mean increase road safety, well then they’re going to use tactics that allow them to achieve that efficiently. The remark about revenue was just tongue in cheek.