Vespa owners: LX 125 cover

Dont know how many vespa riders there are on here but is there anyone who can recomend a cover to fit one of these properly?

Just picked one of theses scooters up and the medium oxford rainex from my hornet is massive on the little scooter. Cant seem to find anything that will fit properly so i wondered what others out there use on their vespas that does a good job with out being too big or small.


Get one made by Vespa or Tucano Urbano for a proper fit :slight_smile:

I had a Tucano Urbano for my scooter and it was a pretty good fit - they do different sizes if you have a screen/topbox.

Didn’t stop the wind from getting under it, filling it up like a sail and blowing the scooter over during strong winds a few years back :pinch: but a bungee attached to each side and under the middle of the bike to pull it in a bit seemed to stop that problem.

Consider locking the cover to the bike if it has loops for a lock. Tramps like to half inch these to sleep in.


ta folks