vespa et4 no ignition

Hi. I need your help. My scooter was stolen and recovered now. I have found 2 wires sticking out from the front. I tried all variations of connecting them but i do not get any respond when i turn the key. There is no ignition. looks like all the other wires were not touched. If anyone can give me advice where and what to check or even would be able to recommend someone who could make it back to life let me know. Action in Walthamstow E17. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

check fuse aint blown, if been tampered with fuse could easily go.

Visual look is ok of the fuse. I have no tools to test it unfortunately.

These 2 sticking wires (red and red/blue) must go to ignition switch. There are 4 slots numbered 1-4 from left to right. Which is the right combination for the wires?

immobilizer possibly ?

How to test immobilizer? I don’t get any light on dashboard when i switch ignition on

if they have tampered with immobilizer it will de activate your igition im affraid i dont have the knowledge behind immoblizers and ignitions.

The system looks so simple but i don’t get what is really wrong…

Does it have an immobiliser?

Have you got the key?

Have you checked the battery is connected?

To all 3 yes

most vespas come with immbolizer built into ignition standard