Vespa 125 et4

Hi folks, bought my first scooter, (I know not a real bike) all was well for a bit but has recently been blowing fuses like a mad thing. It’s in the bike shop now and they are going to investigate further,she’s 2003 but only 1800 miles. Any ideas what a full re-wire would cost! The joys of electrics,thanks folks.

I’d doubt i would need a full rewire.

Just check the circuit for the fuse its been blowing.

You don’t normally rewire a motorbike, really, you’d get a new loom and fit that. It’s still a lot of time and faff, but way less than rerunning individual wires.

Generally, though, that sort of problem is caused by a break in the wire, often at a bend. So you’ll just need one (or maybe several) wires repaired. Much less than a rewiring, but a lot of the labour is spent trying to find the problem, and it’s hard to guess how long that’ll take.

There’s hardly and wires on a et4 its just a just a live shorting on the bodywork