Vauxhall police trap

They were pulling bikes over at the Vauxhall end of Kennington Lane when I rode past 15 minutes ago. Probably the usual insurance stuff.

There were a heck of a lot of coppers there when I came past. Nearly all on bikes too. Didn’t see any ANPR car/van but I suppose there must have been one somewhere telling them who to stop - they didn’t pay any attention to me and the Banana.

alot of it going on at the moment,

Farringdon St just before fleet st crossroads either side had city police specificly pulling bikes the other day, also on castlehaven st camden teh police were out in force pulling cars, looked to me as if they was newbies being taught on road PNC checks or summit, City police were defo targettign bikes tho along farringdon st had quite a few pulled over;)

Yep. That’s what they said. They were really nice and quick though so as long as it took some low life tax and insurance evading no marks off the road I didn’t mind being stopped…


they live there… must be a hot spot.