Has anyone heard from Vaskunito lately? he has not been on the forum in a while and after the little slip on the St Georges Run. I was a bit concerned…

True Abby! I hope he’s not been put off!

I think it may have been a bit of a knock to his confidence Jay…I did it once…Shepard Bush Road…Peak Rush Hour…Cold tyres, a few wet leaves and I was rolling about like a premeirship footballer…lol…It had that effect on me for a bit, saying that …I still get a bit alarmed leaving the Work Car Park now !!

i have sent him an email so hopefully we get to hear from him soon…

I think most of us have been there; dropped our bikes and been embarrassed. I hope Vaskunito resurfaces again, it would be a shame if he didn’t!

For Sure .

Ohh no, I hope thats not the reason


I dropped my bike in my back garden, this did the following:-

a) Make me feel a right pratt

b) scatched and broke fairing

c) Gave me an enormous sense of phew no one saw that.

It is possible that Vaskunito is just busy and hasn’t had a chance to check out the forum in a while. They will return.

Yup done that, dropped my gorgeous biek in my front garden because I thought the stand was down and it wasnt. Lent it over and down it went! In front of everyone in my street! [email protected]! We all do it come back soon fella!

I dropped my Kawasaki when it was only 70 miles inside my garage. Luckly I only got a big cut on my let and another on my elbow as I placed myself under the bike when I knew that I had lost the balance. The bike was intact!

I had to ask my wife to help me, which she couldnt and then she had to ask the neighbour to come around and help me take the bike out of me… That was embarrassing

But, Hey! The leg and elbow heels! lol

Ok yes. I have also dropped the bike at 100 miles … i was talkin to someone and accidently kicked the side stand up. we both stood there and watched as she slowly slid down my leg…

bruised leg for a week, and one small mark on her… (small scratch on the rear cowl)

Luckily she is small enough that i can pick her up by myself. The fellow biker i was talking to was laughing so hard that after picking her up I had a more difficult time getting him up as he was rolling around the floor

I dropped my Africa Twin on the day I got it right outside my house. It was on loose sloping ground and it took two attempts to lift it up. Just what you need on a hot August afternoon…

70 miles inside your garage Cezar??? Just how big IS your garage???


I am here I am here. Not to worry.
It is true after St. Georges I had to re-evaluate certain things but it wasn’t enough to put me off riding my bike

Had to lay low for a couple of weeks and repair my bike (pretty much done) but now I am back in action. In the aftermath of St. Georges I am a bit more concerned when breaking hard, and I had to build up my confidence, speed and cornering again but all is well.

Thank you very much for your concern.


Excellent !!

Welcome back. If you want a little ride out West to build up some confidence give me a nod.

Hey vaskunito, glad you’ve resurfaced and that the bike’s okay! Good to see you back…

And I can show you how to make your dismounts more spectacular! Add that entertainment effect, it should be fun for all road users…

If I were you, I’d defo take Andrew up on his offer, you couldn’t get a better observer!

Hey Dude…fair play…good to see ya post…Cubana was a bit of a wash out this week but Ace, Chelsea and Frith are on the cards and you are more than welcome to come and watch Flatser practise his balancing act on the bar of the embankment and my superb skills at downing a Large Sweaty Burger without gagging !!..Seeya soon !!!..Oh and I forgot to mention thats downing a sweaty burger whilst having to watch 666 show everyone his Dads Army Blue Belly Warmers !!!


good to have you back in action!!

glad to hear you are ok!

I will ignore all the nice ‘comments’ about my garage incident! But for those that couldn’t understand my english, I’m sorry! I can speak to you in Spanish and Portuguese if that’s better? Oh , I forgot that you English people 99% of the time can only comunicate on you own language and expect all the others to take it right… hahaha! Sorry that was a bit bad from me! It’s my French side, perhaps from a past life… lol

Yes, I did drop it in the garage and it was really embarrassing… The bike was safe and sod the leg as it can heal… lol