Variable speed limit M1?

Hi All. Was wondering whether anyone knows whether there are variable speed limit cameras on the widened part of th M1 before the Luton Airport Junction yet? There were signs saying 50 overhead, but I wondered whether these are just advisory or include speed cameras like on the M25?I didn’t see any markings on the ground so does this mean that there aren’t any there? Be great if someone could let me know

Is that within the miles and miles of roadworks there?

No just after, when it becomes national speed limit again with 5 lanes

Can’t help at the moment then…I’m off up to Birmingham on Sunday, and if I go the M1 route I’ll cast my expert eye over them and let you know what I think

Cheers :slight_smile:

Forward facing average speedchecks and big ass lanes means having a good time filtering past the cars stuck on 57mph (10%+2).


yeah that bit is fine as they are forward facing, but near Luton Airport turn off (Junction 10 I think) it becomes national speed limit againas the roadworks finish. There are overhead signs, and the other day they said 50 as there was a traffic jam…is that for information purposes or to put more money in the governments pocket by being a variable speed limit with cameras?

If they are old fashioned matrix signs, 50 is advisory. If they were in colour, i.e. the 50 within a red circle, that’s mandatory and enforceable. Not sure whether there are any enforcement cameras there though.

ahhh got ya. nice bit of 5 lane road there I think.

actually i was meaning to ask about this too. How do the variable speed cameras work??? I saw them on the M1 the other week where the road works are before luton.

The overhanging yellow ones… yeah? are these the ones?


No they are not the ones. The yellow ones you are thinking of count your average speed check between the cameras. Though as they are forward facing they are no problem for motorcycles.

The ones I am on about are the overhead boards, similar to the ones on the M25

cheers count von count. I’ll still have to wait and see then

:DHi I am regular on the M1 between Northampton and London, The variable speed controls on the M1 near Luton do work ! but are forward facing, Would recommend missing the traffic and diverting to the M40 for this stretch as it is a royal pain the arse !

have a great day !


Yeah also wondered about them as well, seen them on the nice new parts of the M1…

Question for those that know about the M25 ones (on the assumption that if they are installed on the M1 that they will be the same again) - Are the speed cameras on all the time? i.e. if they are at National Speed limit, are they looking for people going over 70, or are they just active when there is a lowered speed limit, e.g. 50?

hope they not on yet or Im right in the doggy doo’s :smiley:

will slow down and look tonight on way home from work, cant have my own little racetrack ruined can I ? :slight_smile:

I hope you’re right then. I’ll let you all know if I end up with a fine and points!

NUFFIN on the gantries :D:D

playtime :slight_smile:

What a relief. Must have been my lucky day :slight_smile: