Van needed near dunstable/watford

Anyone got a van that’ll fit a bike in (easily) near Dunstable/Watford, need to get the R1 to PDQ in Slough and don’t want to ride it until i know what the problem is! This weekend if possible. Cheers

Push it…

i have a car and a bike so i don’t have to walk ANYWHERE, why the hell would i push it! lol

Because you don’t have a van

See everyones a comedian today!

Sean, try Scorch.

he lives in your side of town, may be able to help.

I got a trailor you can borrow

I can do it on Saturday morning if that’s any good. :slight_smile:

That would be very good, cheers Mark.

Steve - thanks, however I got my car licence well after my bike licence and in order for me to tow a trailor i apparently have to take yet another test!