Hey all,
How much do you think a 2009 Honda CBF600 with 53000+ miles on the clock, no service history and in slightly tatty condition be worth?
Just curious about your views.

£800 If your lucky

£800. I would have said around £500.

Is the mileage that important? Or is it the fact that it’s got no service history?
Also, what is a “slightly tatty” condition?


You can take it to a dealer and ask for a valuation based on part exchange, then add a few hundred onto that to get an idea of what you’d make in a private sale. It doesn’t sound like it’s worth a lot from the description.

I was offered £500 part exchange for my old CB500 with no service history. I got a grand for it private a year later but by then it had a service history, about 2 grands worth.

I think the problem is that most private buyers would not touch it with a barge pole, to many miles no history and tatty bike screams that it hasn’t been looked after so I would personally run a mile from it. There are too many good clean bikes out there.

mileage, tatty, and no history

most people would think its not been looked after. But if someone wants it it may go for more. I’d clean it up the best i can and bang it onto e-bay or if its a good runner keep it till it dies.

cheap, but you might get a grand for it as it’s only 3 years old.

Clean it up, stick it on Ebay for £750 and see what happens - you might get a grand or even more - people do like bargains but the trouble is its a 3 year old bike with 10+ years mileage.

You could get a professional valet done and do the “high mileage but well looked after” line

Depends entirely on whether you are buying or selling.

Just got it valued…£650 max

So are you looking to sell it?

Thanks all.

I’m not looking to sell this thing, it has been my company bike since it was new. I have been trying to work out a deal with my boss as I’m attached to it but he came up with an outrageous figure.
I just want to open his eyes to the reality.

Fook ME…

Best not as you lot for a valuation on my 09 R6 with 30600 on the clock, mind you I do have a FSH.

Got mind valued on a trade in and was offered £4k.

Bloke in the dealers said average mileage for a bike was 2k a year. :crazy: :blink:

Does nobody ride any more ??? :crazy:

I’d say with the mileage / no service history about 1k to 2k

Your bike must be tidy Jest. The rule of thumb is: book price, - £100 per 1000 miles over.

A mint 2009 CBF600SA had a book price of £3000 if the average 9000 miles is on the clock (3000 per year).

My company bike has 53000+ miles on it, a few dings and scratches, a cracked top fairing and is generally pretty worn.

Using the formula this would make it worth - £1400. However there is always value in the parts so £650 is about what I’d expect.

If I had a bike like yours in the same condition and someone offered me £4000 for it I would take that straight away. Where is this dealer, I may be selling my Falco soon and seems like a generous dude.

clean it up and get it serviced and then sell it may get 800 + for it then. but due to no service history,53,000 mileage and tatty condition you will get about 400 for it or less.

Round about 37secs. I thought it was funny!