valet parking at the Cubana

Mmmmmm. Admitting to treason. Thats a very serious criminal offence you know. Best you incinerate some lovely Brazilian food for us all to taste to pay your pennance.

Oh, and have you found that flag on yer bike yet?

Stop messing with my mind! there’s no flag there! I been there twice looking! I would be able to smell something like that! lol

I tell you what, becouse of this jockes my wife is kinda of upset with me as she’s taking it a bit too serious… I will need a spare room pretty soon…lol

Do you give in then? Perhaps go and have one really good long last look before I reveal all.

why dont you burn your brazilian one or do we have to stick an argentinia flag on your bike

cez you may have won the war but you havent won the cup, your team are gonna lose

so take that brazil flag and burn the damn thing

No way! My bike is ‘polution’ free mate!

how ca a bike be pollution free you num nut pmsl

Becouse it doesn’t have any English flag on it like Chuffs said! lol

Oh you are burning it!!!


ops… yes. Sir moderator… I will be quite but I just would like to state that I belong to a minority and i fell prejudice in the air…

Cez! I saw the flag and I must say it set off your bike nicely.

And I think it would be nice for a few more to be added over the next few weeks will give you something to look forward to…

Mate! that Kawa has self protection mechanism. If it was there the bike got rid of it before I see it


Can we adapt the LB logo to incorporate a cross of St. George for the World Cup please?

oh! That wouldnt be fair on my becouse i’m a minoroty in the community and as a community the majoroty will always win. If you guys decide this way I will accept!

and make your lives hell by pm! lol

I can’t believe you set up that picture just for us Cezar!

And what’s going on with the towel arrangment? Looks a little ‘David Beckham’ to me… LOL

You mean this one? We are going to send him backhome again! lol

So how long has Cezar spent trying to find the flag then? I still don’t believe he has looked hard enough yet. Perhaps if he is at the ace tonight I shall point it out…

You b*****! I wen’t early home from work and went back to the garage 3 times!

I feel a pic of his bike with the cross of St George coveirng part of it and perhaps even a placerd saying ‘I’m Biking for Beckham’ would look really nice for the charity picture sale…