Val Shawcross appointed deputy mayor for transport

Val Shawcross, an experienced City Hall operator who sat on the London Assembly for 16 years, will be his number two on transport and deputy chair of Transport for London. Mr Khan will follow Boris Johnson’s lead and chair the body himself. 

This is good news for MAG and London PTW commuters. Val Shawcross is the leader of the GLA and author of the Easy Rider report which criticized Tfl for its failure on motorcycles and other PTW as a viable option for commuting.

Read the full report here

Some very good news.

Good. Now lets wait for the results and hope for action!

Sweet! Finally some good news for a change.

Nice, thank you for sharing these news. Really keen to see what happens next.

Agree it’s a wait and see game in some regards. In others perhaps a campaign about theft shoved their way and see how they respond.

This makes interesting read.

With a year since it was published and Khan in power with Shawcross in the transport role.

Not biker related but London related!

Just heard from Dr Mannings, he is at his moment having meetings with the mayors office with regard to the pre election promises and how they are planning to implement the London wide policy of letting PTW in bus lanes.