Utilitarian bike? - on the hunt for a new bike

I’ve decided to downsize from 3 to 1… the only problem being that I don’t know what to.

So I’m on the hunt for a bike that can:
and bimble around town
oh, and get the weekly shop on :smiley:

The obvious ones are the GSXR (reputedly the greatest all rounder) or the ubiquitous GS.

I’m pretty broad minded at this point so would welcome any suggestions.



I do all of the above on my ZX10R


I do all that on my GSXR but its not so good on gravely lanes :smiley:

If you’re looking at the GS (the 08 is great!) also look at a Varadero and KTM Adv…

What about a VFR???

And knowing you of old I’m surprised you’ve not mentioned the Multistrada…


Triumph Tiger 1050? Will do all the above happily.

I’ve got a test ride on the VFR lines up actually. Had forgotten about the Vara, I’ll ask to to have a blat on that too.

As for the ugly-struddle…

Are you still running the ST?

No just the Varadero now.


Thought you had an Africa Twin… or did I just make that up?

and did you kill the ST?

i do all of the above on a GSXR err but not the shopping… to many kids to feed need a van for that :slight_smile:

You can do all of the above on a Sports bike… but you buy a sports bike because you want the buzz and the emotion that goes with it.

if you want to tick all of the above dont get a GSXR or any other sports bike.

VFR would be perfect but the running costs are high, servicing costs a bomb because the have to pay a mechanic with child size hands to work on it :slight_smile:

and it takes 3 days just to get inside it…

personally i prefer the ST to the VFR and there cheaper…

big traillie? Macp’s bike is HUUUUUUGGGEEE but then so is Macp :slight_smile:

fazer 1000 with uprated suspension.

The AT went down the road - it lives on in other ATs so not all bad.

Sold the ST in the end.

The new Yamaha XT660Z
Something completely different though

'birds or busa’s will do all you require, as Im biased would have to say the 'birds better :slight_smile: