Usual help with jackets needed?

Was on my way home yesterday, and the zipper on my jacket decided it had had enough!

I want to get the jacket repaired as that is really about all that is wrong with it! but probably worth having a backup plan.

I have rukka gear, current equivalent is to my jacket is about £1’000 which I’m really not keen on paying at any time of the year let alone xmas.

Any recommendations on good quality equivalents?

My Frank Thomas Aqua has been keeping me warm and dry for the past decade and then some, the red is fading to pink in places but I can live with that

David Cafini of DC Leathers did a great job altering my leathers. He would repair textiles as well.

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Probably a bit out of your way unless you want to swing round for a coffee, Hill4Leather can fix anything.

Another vote for Hill4Leather for the repair.

The dry cleaning chain American Dry Cleaning repaired my jacket zip and were excellent.

My new Klim jacket is great. I’d recommend it.

Backup plan…eBay?

Plenty of good value things around if you are happy to take a chance on the fit/sizing.

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the last suit for work purposes tat I bough myself was 2005 – didn’t wear it much but looked good when I did.
Having bike gear which does a great job and looks good is what I spend my money on - and thus I couldn’t go more than a couple years of constant use in one jacket, although if I did my pension pot might have been bigger.
I am not a Rukka fan, Richa Rev’s and of course Dainese have a great range of great looking high performing jackets and a fair few discounts at


I have a RST paragon jacket
Keeps me warm when it needs to, can’t comment on waterproof as I always wear a waterproof over jacket
It’s my preference as the over jacket don’t take long to dry
RST have certainty changed for the better over that last few years and they now have a two year warranty
I did try Rukka once and couldn’t see any benefit spending a small fortune when the RST did the same thing for me

Buy second hand Dainese gear from FB marketplace.


Halvarssons stuff is good & very reasonably priced for the quality. they also use the same connecting zips as Rukka, so if your Rukka pants are still OK, you can zip an Halvarssons jacket directly to them.

As mentioned above, buying second hand on eBay/FB etc. can really bring the price down. I’ve finally been replacing my old Hein Gericke stuff with new or nearly new Halvarssons kit from eBay & it’s cost me about a third of the shop price.

Or you can visit the lovely people at Motolegends near Guildford - for fantastic old school customer service, just be aware they’re not open on Saturday or Sunday. They also sell Rukka & offer 12 months interest free.

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I’m not on facebook and don’t want to sign up just to find a jacket!

Turned out my jacket was still in warranty so a result there, although still need to find something I can use while it is in the post, so the search continues

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I can thoroughly recommend Cadore Leathers for repairs. He is honest and will not overcharge you. When the zip on my Hideout leather jacket failed, he simply replaced the puller on the zip, as he said there was no need to replace the zip itself.

A friend that had the same problem, and returned his jacket to Hideout, knowing that he would be charged £100 and a three week turn around

The owner of Cadore is a very helpful gentleman named Oz, and his shop is at
198 Baker Street
Tel 020 8366 2123

Feel free to say Aceman referred you to him.

When the pull went on my zipper, I replaced it with a keyring. Works perfectly well and a lot easier to grab with gloved hands

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A zip tie worked for us on the 2022 SROTY. I knew Ithey’s been laying in the bottom of the top box for some reason. That would have been one cold ride home on the Winter Solstice.

I used a cable tie as temporary zip fix on one of my boots. (For 2 years).

What is it they say, “There is nothing more permanent than a temporary solution.”

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HI All, thanks the issue was not that bit, the actually pully is still there it just does not seal the zips together.

I’ve actually managed to bag a Rukka Kalix 2.0 both trousers and Jacket in my size for £300 so as a back up suit I’m pretty happy with that. As they are more 3 season than 4, I might have this set as the summer set and my stuff when it comes back as the winter set.

Have you got a hold of the zip mechanism with the pliers and forced it back together? Often if the zip is not locking together the actual mechanism has gone out of tolerance.

Liable to snap with much pressure! Just had mine repaired, new slider only £12.00, not a full zip,try alteration shop.