Using a phone while riding a horse, is that 6 points

and a £200 fine?

ha ha ha… you snapped her :rofl:

Wouldn’t that count as a driverless vehicle though?

there is no law on the use of a mobile phone while ridding a horse
you can get stung for an law of not being in control of an animal or many other laws regarding horses made before the advent of mobile phones,
look at the cyclist who couldn’t be done for killing a pedestrian on his push bike
they had to use an old law

And of course, she’s wearing one of those polite vests…

She could be done for not having both hands on the reins (rule 53) -

Plus you must observe all traffic regulations as you would with any vehicle so that must include using a mobile phone without handsfree

I genuinely saw an OAP on a mobility scooter on his mobile today. Normally I’ll have a word with people too, but I am trying to give up aggression for October.


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I think that was the real crime. People who buy those stupid vests really need to have a long hard look at themselves. They should also be prosecuted for impersonating a police officer.

Wtf would anyone want people to think you are a copper? :smiling_imp:

Only 30 more days to go. Deep breathes :grin:

You don’t ride a blue bike do you?