Using a 2002 Ducati 998 as a adventure bike

Really nice short film about a Dutchman’s adventures on his bike around the world.

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13:52 approaching Bert’s tea Hut in High Beech :wink:

He’s a Zumo guy. Excellent.
His take on reliability is a good one, factoring in how easy it is to fix and how competent you are at fixing it rather than just how likely it is to break down.


That was a good watch. Thanks for putting that up.

Loved the comment about he went on a short trip 10’000km lol!

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I hate the bars but as a 748 owner, for nearly twenty years, I can FULLY understand why.

Great story. Cool guy.

loved it, thanks for sharing. I feel inspired :crazy_face:

What a cool fella. I wonder if Ducati know about this bike that has done 50k km when he got it, plus 93k km since he had it, thats got to be around 100k miles. Amazing!! Nice bit of vivaldi there at the end as well. :grin:

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