Used wooden floor

I may have a used wooden floor available. with a Mezanne level if anyone is interested. I’ll get the measurements at the in the next few days.

I might be interested, Im decorating atm and was considering doing something with the living room floor.

I’ll get some measurements at the weekend. It covers the entire ground floor of the house so should be enough for a living room.

just a warning.

you will literally have to take it up, move it and lay it all again within a very short space of time.

if left it will all blow out and will not go back together.

We had builders in once who did this, I warned them, they ended up having to replace 3 floors with new stuff as it would not go back together.

Just my advice though.

Good point, although the type of wooden floor is still a bit of a mystery :smiley:

Not sure how a second hand wooden floor “blows out” . Is there some sort of gas problem ?

The wood expands - ie ‘blows out’

Centrally heated houses tend to be extremely dry. Whenever laying new floor its advisable to leave the material stacked in its new environment for as long as possible to let it dry and shrink before using it. Softwoods that is, hardwoods behave differently. Take out a floor that has been effectively kiln drying for 20 years, and the moment it sees a bit of fresh air it starts to absorb and expand. Thats especially critical when reusing tongue and groove flooring; the mass to surface area ratio of the tongue and groove components mean that they are the fastest to swell, making them extremely difficult to reassemble, unless you’re prepared to kiln dry them for another 20 years :smiley:

I’ve laid a lot of floor from reclaimed pine floorboards to cheap laminate to very nice engineered hardwoods to hardwoods, bamboo, parquet…

never heard of “blows out” hence the sarky question. :smiley:

Just acclimatise it thats all.

Incidentally I have an original softwood staircase in my place c. 1930. This winter it split right across a tread (longitudinal shrinkage of the whole set) for the first time ever , i guess because we have had the heating on for 7 months

Well this is what we are looking at, well I’d be able to show you if our forum software would let me. Pah. Anyway…

I can put you in touch with the relevant people if you are interested. It’s not my deal but, yeah if someone on here wants it I can probably make it happen.

the suspense is killing me…

will we ever know what Joby’s wooden floor looks like?

probably not :smiley:


Do you have a price per metre? Buyer dismantles/collects? Amount available?

Funny place to put a mains socket.


I think it`s more a step than a bump.:blink:

Put up yer bike for sale and yer lucky to get 3 posts , put up some wood flooring …:smiley:

The building project manager is going to get back to me with the type of wood it is and the size. I’ve not thought through price yet but I’d want someone to take it all.