US Moto GP ****SPOILER****

Rossi did it again! Well done to every rider out there, they all deserved to win! How on earth did they stay on the track!!! They needed speedboats, not motorbikes!

Although as I’m posting there could be the possibility of a 6 or 8 lap sprint :slight_smile: whooo hoooo :w00t:

Its not over yet :wink: Probably will be tho looking at the state of the place ha ha

There we go all over and done with!

Vale is now the most winningest (is that a word?) rider in the premier motorcycle class.

Well done to everyone… particuarly Nicky Hayden who I thought had a great, great ride.

I think that this is it for the championship, I can’t see Vale losing it now!!

Just heard that that 250cc race has been abandoned!! Thats a disgrace, I understand the conditions are poor, but the organisers have known that the weather was going to be poor, they’ve just shown their inability to be proactive and ensure that things like the air fences are secured and weighed down… silly buggers.

Thats it, no sprint, all over, Rossi victorios again! Didn’t like the look of that Yamaha tent that had blown down over all those bikes, could be expensive!

What a great day for the likeable Nicky H.

Great race, Rossi showed everyone he`s still the king of gp.