Just disturbed 2 scrtes trying to nick a bike on curzon st.tryed to box them in but they got away,check ur security folks.

wow I never knew people where so bold as to try this kind of thing in the middle of the day…

and more, try searching some stolen posts, you’ll be amazed how some of em went

Cops turned up,then took off as the scoot had been spotted LJ57 CEO,kick them off if u see them

Just out of interest what sort of box did you use? I can then think about using a different sort.

that really easy crazy, if there was ever any thing putting me off getting a bike its this day time robbery lol. I will have a search at that im still stunned

Lol,a cbf600,1second earlier would have had them

A bike saved, which is great but I’m sure that they’ll target another and manage to steal it before the day is out. :crying:

shite good work mate!! Im free and tempted to have a poodle round town to see if i can see anything, i would love to catch these scroates in the act!

That’s very close to my work, I’ve got my eyes on the bike bays as we speak!!
Can’t wait for the day I catch them in the act, I’ll bloomin ave em!

Top work Stuts, good effort mate.

when i was working in woolwich years back some school lads decided to take my aprilla rx125 rather than go to school,luckily i had a idea where they would be and got to rugby tackle one of the 5 :w00t:…he grassed on his mates and i got a apology from each in the headmasters office (that was enough for me) ring leader got a bit more sever from the police:cool:

lol nice… was it a good tackle haha

Quick update, was typing earlier on my phone and just got in.

Just thought I’d put up some more info so some of you can secure your bikes. As I came round the corner into Curzon st this afternoon, I saw 2 kids, 1 sitting on a scoot, the other was kneeling next to the front of a bike. Just caught out of the corner of my eye his arm moving quickly up and down around the right disc area. I’m assuming he was using some kind of chisel/screwdriver and hammer on the disc lock. Bear in mind this was in broad daylight, loads of people around, pedestrians and traffic and nobody paid them a second glance. I pulled up next to the scoot and challenged them if they were trying to nick a bike. The second guy jumps on the scoot, rider tells me to fook off and before I could move further forward and cut them off, they took off. I went to ride along side them, planning to kick them off, but I hesitated and with hindsight kinda glad I did in case I was wrong, so let them get away down Bolton street.

Got their reg, pulled over, called 999, they were very helpful, said it was being given highest priority and had 2 squad cars there in about 10 minutes. Unfortunately, I never got a good look at the bike, or their faces except a brief glimpse of the rider so wasn’t able to give the cops the best description. As the cops started taking my details, call came over the radio that they’d been spotted just south of oxford circus, so the cops all legged it, telling me to wait, I assume to attempt to identify them. Hung around for about 20 minutes, but the cops never came back and I had to go, though they were good enough to call me back and leave a message, unfortunately saying that the scrotes had escaped.

So guess the moral of the story is, if you only use a disc lock, get yourself a chain to go round the back wheel too, if only to slow them down. These two guys looked like opportunists and picked what they believed what was an easy take. I’m guessing they’ve got a method where a disc lock can be reasonably easily removed without damaging the disc too much.

Good work!

Ive always wandered if that was me, would i kick them off? If i did…then what would i do?

Tough call. Did the best thing. Maybe video next time:)

yeah defo a good call who’s to say they were not carrying a weapon of some kind, and with the way things go some times knocking them off you could have got done for doing the right thing.

Don’t ya just wish we could carry/use a tazer:D

best way to avoid geting your bike nicked is:

  • dont park in london

  • buy a crap one that no one wants, dont wash it, alarm it and chain it to buggery

even then you need to keep an open eye!