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If I read your account correctly, he drove into the rear of you?

On that basis, apart from the fact that it was probably your ability to filter that has pissed him off in the first place, the fact that he drove into the rear of you is called strict liability.  So the actual act of filtering has no physical bearing as regards to causation.

In other words, unless he can prove that you did something that meant he was unable to avoid colliding with you such as brake tsting him or a cash for crash scam, then he is liable 100% and would not be able to wiggle out of being held liable unless he lied through his teeth which usually results in an incosistent account and is failry easy to counter and discredit.


I remember asking one of the motorcycle cops on a Bike Safe day what his views on filtering were. His response was: you are on your own, if you have a coming together the best you can hope for is the insurance settling 50/50. Michael748
Shows how inaccurate the Police are getting with their information these days.
The Police do not deal with civil claims.  The Police do not even get proper traffic law training anymore.
In 99% of cases, filtering cases go in favour of the filtering rider and there s very rarely any contributory negligence provided..... The basis rules f overtaking/filtering are complied with.
50/50 split liability is an inaccurate statement to make.
I am so glad you're here, seriously.

Thank you!

In 99% of cases, filtering cases go in favour of the filtering rider and there s very rarely any contributory negligence provided..... The basis rules f overtaking/filtering are complied with.
Yes, thanks for that.


So by his passing the temporary stop here signs he is agressive …
So how does that picture in the fact that you went beyond his position …
Does that mean your agressive by default ?


Hey everyone, 

It’s been such a long time, I thought I’d share the full adventure with you because it’s worth sharing ;) 

Every morning for 5 days I hanged my signs on the side of the road in search for a witness. I asked pedestrians as well. After 3 days people started recognising me! A person offered me a coffee (temperature was 0C-3C, brrrr, by the time I arrived at the office my lower jaw was completely numb), a couple of car drivers flashed their headlights, a motorcyclist even joined his hands together to pray for me as he was riding along!! This is the first time in my life I saw a motorcyclist riding without hands. Actually many motorcyclists waved and stopped by to find out what was happening and offer help. The motorcycle community is a real brotherhood ^ ^ The most incongruous sight yet was probably this truck driver slowing down to 20mph to make the traffic behind him slow down to read the signs. 

The idiot who rammed me wasn’t happy with my signs so he stopped by to have a chat. The second time he rode on the footpath to intimidate meBut I continued.  A few pedestrians saw the incident but only bits or after it happened. I put signs at the nearby bus stop but a maintenance guy kept on removing them so I bought chalk and contemplated the idea to write on the floor AHA! But I refrained. Instead I asked people waiting but without success. After 5 days my frozen fingers started to cool down my passion for justice and I thought, if I don’t find a witness today, I’ll let it go and do some meditation. 

On that very last day I gave myself, I met a witness who saw THE ENTIRE THING!! Yep. Not kidding. Someone must have heard me upstairs. We exchanged details and off we went. I couldn’t believe my luck. I was so happy! Contacted my insurance, explained everything and they sent her a form. After that COMPLETE silence. For a second I thought that the author of the accident sent her to make me stop my search for a witness. I mean he proved how sly he could be on multiple occasions so that seemed like a probable hypothesis. I remember she felt uneasy and a bit scared. Maybe I’m completely wrong and she was just afraid to get herself into trouble. Anyway, she got cold feet. The rest will remain a mystery.

Without a witness I cancelled the claim and went on with my life (I passed my full motorcycle licence last week by the way! I’m so happy!! Removing the L plate was orgasmic). Then came the time to renew my insurance. This is when I found out - and I think you should learn from my experience - that this idiot put a claim on me by lying that I “rushed in front of him”. ON ME! He rammed me and then put a claim on me, it’s the world upside down! I was fuming. To save my NCB I had to contact his insurance to clean things up. Apparently his insurance was just as insane as him, they don’t close a claim unless it had 6 months of inactivity. I must have a pretty good star cause this period expired 2 weeks before I called. So not only do they let it accumulate dust for 6 months but they also forget to close them. Idiots…

I don’t regret anything. It was a formidable life lesson I will definitely not forget. It was truly heart warming to see the kindness and support I received from everyone, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, truck drivers… I discovered that my French - if not Japanese - passion for fairness and justice run deep. I’ve also had my helmet cam screwed on my helmet at all time since then. I’m always prepared now. I even caught a police van who nearly knocked me off jumping lane and flanking me (hello blind check) but that’s another story.

Ah! This reminds me that multiple people thought I had been hurt by a Black Audi. Apparently this other idiot has been endangering the life of a few people in the area and even knocked off a motorcyclist. So if you travel in this part of south east London, watch out for a black Audi

Lastly, @TimR please read the entire thread before jumping to conclusions. The reason why I moved in front of him was indeed to be civil and prevent the road from being blocked. Kindly read before commenting.



Hey Karine,

Happy and sad for you a the same time. And well done on passing you full licence, you should drop by borough market on a Wednesday evening when we all meet.

I know the black Audi you talk of I was one of those who mentioned him, not seen him in a while though so that is a result.



Well done on the full licence, and bloody well done on your tenacity.


Shame nothing came of it but congratulations you still managed to pass your test and hopefully you’ll have a much better riding experience without the L plates on!!


That’s an amazing story Karine. Thanks for sharing. I’m sorry your witness didn’t come through, that’s a real shame. Perhaps there was some intimidation involved. But on a positive note, welcome to big bikes :slight_smile:


I wonder if this is the same driver @Karine ?


Looks like they caught the guy above.


I had something similar happened in Picadilly Circus in front of the new screens last year, Prius taxi driver with passengers nudged my rear wheel at the red light just in front of the large screen, I turn around to see what’s going on, was it an accident? Is the car stolen and on run? As I was turning around to see he did it again knocking me off balance! Bike falls he refuses he did anything and his passengers were clueless as to what just happened.

Couple of bystanders helped me pick up the bike and while I tried to get details from the driver as soon as I asked his passengers he belted it. The damage was a stuck and cracked throttle tube and bar end threads went into the bar from the impact, scratched exhaust etc

No one offered to be a witness of course in one of the most busiest areas in London. Luckily I had a rear view cam and my helmet cam, his insurance paid out for it all thanks to the footage :slight_smile:

I never ride without a cam due to people like this!


Man admits driving stolen car at London cyclists


That’s how I read it to, @T.C