urgent macbook help if anyone can

is anyone on here a mac specialist?

basically a friend who is a classical singer was making a recording using garageband on her mac yesterday. she has to submit the audio to try and get a place in some american uni’s to get a place to study and has to submit by tomorrow

she was running out of HD space so tried to move stuff to the recycle bin thinking she would create space but didn’t. i think she’s effectively gone past the capacity limit of the HD and its thrown a wobby so the machine wont boot up now.

she popped into the apple store but they didn’t seem overly helpful.

has anyone dealt with this situ on a mac and been able to recover the data at all?

Do you have an external FireWire drive with Mac OS X installed on it?

You should be able to boot off that, then get rid of some stuff from the laptop’s internal drive.

Not sure how it’s possible for the HD to overwrite or exceed its own data space/RAM. Most Macs will just refuse to write the data onto the drive, or spend forever chunking data in and out of your HD that it looks like it’s hung up with the SWOD (Spinning Wheel of Death).

The external firewire (or even slower USB) method is fine for reading your hard drive data. Any second Mac OSX computer connected to your computer HD can boot up and read your drive for you if you can’t read it unless it’s completely kaputt.

These guys will be able to advise if you’re still having problems - http://www.coretechnicalsolutions.co.uk/ they are based in Clapham.

Depending on what was running/copying when it crashed you may be able to recover data from the HD like the others have said using another Mac in target disk mode or booting from another drive that has a OS on it.

Thanks for the replies

I beleive she has tried to run the HD by connecting to another mac. Not sure if the boot via external has been tried so will see if any joy

Fair enough on the HD capacity/overloading. Just seems an odd coincidence that the mac/HD would fail at the same time by coincidence

I think I’m going to stick with PC :wink:

Hmm, to be honest I had this problem once and it was because loading too much information from the hard disk and writing too much at the same ltime lead the needles to die.

All the data was impossible to recover (at least without sending the HDD off to a lab in order to remove the disks and insert them in some crazy machine to analyse data).

To be hones,t I’d guess that it’s gone, but it’s just a guess. Good luck :frowning:

1 crash on a Mac due to numptiness on the user’s part, doesn’t necessarily initiate you for the multiple and recurrent Windows PC crashes facing you in the future :smiley:

Unless you are running a SSD drive, any HD will be subject to mechanical wear and tear. Doing impossible manoeuvres such as your friend’s attempt would have caused your Windows HD to crash. The integrity of the HD depends more on mechanical factors (wear/tear, travel on the motorcycle or just exhaustion from spinning at 5,500rpm for too long…)

Good luck!

I’m afraid Mac laptops are prone to HDD failures. Its the heat y’know.

And yes, while they do happen on PC laptops, MAC’s are more consistent in their aproach.

Its more likely than not that it’s b0rked.

nothing like a clean backup :w00t:

Afraid?! Lol. Sounds like a vain attempt at oneupmanship in the PC vs Mac wars! :smiley:

Interestingly, Apple stats show clearly, that year on year, there are more and more computer users switching over to Apple, including large organisations; educational establishments; whole industries (such as the graphics and photographic sector), and personal users.

Your claim isn’t borne out in any of the sales of Macs. Any HD is subject to failure over its life cycle; it’s not specific to Mac Hard Drives, nor is it specific to PC Hard Drives. Maybe you need to recall the exploding Sony lithium battery saga which led to the recall of several million PCs hmmm?!


This PC vs Mac issue is childish! We all know Macs are superior to crashing Windows with bulky OS systems which constantly need to be drip fed with patches! :smiley:

I am sorry Sir, you misunderstand me, I own a Mac and a PC and I have no care for Mac vs. PC, Xbox vs. PS3, Iphone vs Nokia, Kawazaki vs. Honda fanboy rubbish. They are all there to serve a function and they individually do so in their own way.

I refer the right honerable gentleman to the quote above my reply…

You’re not making any sense.

First you claim that Mac hard drives are subject to greater failure than PCs (non-factual, but your opinion is welcome on a forum board).

I use 2x PCs and 1x Mac; the advantages of dual platform entails literacy with both Macs and Pcs. There are benefits to both, but mostly benefits to using a Mac. It’s just that outrageous and unfounded claims such as ‘Macs suffer greater Hard Drive failures’ is a very uneducated response to the original posters’ dilemma :slight_smile:

just as an fyi, it was a throw away comment, i quite fancy a macbook pro altho cant really justify the cost or am in the frame of mind to deal with the frustration of things not quite working how im used to :wink:

she couldn’t resolve it in time altho had done a dual recording on her iphone fortunately - it wasn’t as good quality but hopefully will still do the trick. does look like the HD has had it. the lab cost for recovering is very much out of her price bracket. i’m surprised it costs that much to try and recover data from the HD. had this happen once in the past with a pc based laptop that i accidentally buggered up by putting it on my magnetic tank bag. they quoted less than £100 to get the data off it.

anyway, pc vs mac forum fight …carry on!

Mac Versus PC?

El stupido, a mac is a personal computer. Its also intel based hardware and ooooooooooooh look mac is a unix based operating system, oooh wait unix has been installed on to personal computers for decades, 6 of 1 they both suck.

argument is with microsft not PCs a PC can be anything inluding a mac, try windows 7 anyway having tested this over a period of a few weeks and an MS Cert i have to say, i think 7 is better than OSX and let us not forget that MACs and Win domains just dont work in practive

but wither way, linux is the king of OSs while Mac and windows are ofr typing memos in starbucks. haha linux for the win!

theyve probably quoted you for the disk being taken apart and looked at in a clean room, its very expensive, i remember having to get quoates for a disk in a RAID array that didnt go to plan, £30,000 they wanted! :w00t:

how much is the ‘in a dirty shed’ version? :wink:

Claiming that I make no sense is unfair. I have been working with computers for the best part of 25 years, I have owned both Macs and PC’s throughout and FROM MY experience, my Macs have b0rked thier hard drive consitantly more frequently than my PC’s, in particular the Titanium or otherwise laptops.

This is from my experience, I have no data to back it up, except useless grey boxes littering my garage and large repair/replacement bills.

I may also point out that I spent a good part of my life working with computers in the music field while writing for music magazines, building all sorts of uber computers for hard line multitrack high bit-rate recording studio work and still my experience backs up my claims, rightly or wrongly.

I’m sure there are some statistics you can suck out of the interweb that may assist your attack on PC’s and myself, but frankly I could not give a hoot.

Mostly benefits to using a Mac? That depends on what you are trying to do. My preference? I would use PC’s for making music hands down. I would use PC’s for playing games hands down. I would use PC’s for web programming any day. I would use Macs for everything else - all the menial tasks lets say, email, web browsing, etc etc… :wink: Yes I’m being partially provocative here, but this is my preference, nothing more, nothing less.

As I said before, they both have their applications, they both do different things better than one another. I have no desire to get into a pointless, never ending and ultimately fruitless fanboy debate with you.

Working with computers for the best part of 25 years? Lol. You have my sympathies :smiley:

It’s not a wonder, if you’re mostly PC based, then you could very well spend another 25 years just trying to get on top of it.

FWIW, I’ve owned 6 Windows based PCs (tried running Linux once, but I was too stoopid to cope with it) for the lifespan of 1x Mac. Graphics; visual design, editing; word processing and Apple Lossless music downloads without having to purchase unnecessary FLAC conversion to MP3 software; instant and free PDF write and edit functions on Apple OSX word unlike PCs which require the purchase of PDF Create or similar; infinite Registry checkers; installing Microsoft Framework to run applications; virus checkers and the rest of the hassle may very well be a part of your lifestyle which you no longer feel you need to account time for.

I’d rather ride motorcycles and get on with life; clearly you’re more of a computer user than I will ever be. I’m thankful for Apple Macs for that very reason: it allows me to get on with life, without needing to spend a quarter of a century struggling to get to grips with it.

Best of luck! I’ll stop here in case I induce your PC Windows to crash from mental overload :smiley:

aww peace! Nice. :cool:

I do not deny that Wind0ze sucks whatsoever :wink:

aha but is this errors in the way the data is being written or hardware faults on the disk platers or the readers / writers? furthermore, apple dont manufacture hard disks…these are bought and put in such like the intel chipsets are. Correct me if im wrogn but dont Macs tent to have Maxtor Disks in? These are know to be total sh1t. I know them as total Sh1t and many people i have worked with share this experience, they have failed me on too many times in laptops, desktops, servers and external drives. wouldnt touch a maxtor disk with a barge pole and i know there are macs out there with Maxtor disks. Once again, a Mac is a PC, OSX is the propietry software based on a Unix Kernal which was developed for…the personal computer…AK PC.