Urgent help needed! - Disabled Children's Outing

The embedded video shows the 1967 taxi run taking disabled children to the coast. They still do this several times a year. On Monday I am meant to be providing on road support to help marshal over 100 taxis taking children with learning disabilities to Hastings, and have a dry run with the organisers to perform on Sunday.

On getting home from work, and prepping the bike for the weekend, I found the front wheel and disk covered in fork oil. Any idea how I can get the fork seal (Aprilia Mana/Shiver) fixed by very early Sunday morning, or get hold of an automatic bike of at least 500cc by then? Fixing the seal should be straightforward if I can get one. The nearest I have found appears to be in Bristol. Any ideas?

taxi drivers come good & deserve great support for it
they also do a trip to Maldon for the kids

I’d call Scorch for advice Julian. He might be able to fix you up in time. Or loan you something.

Or take it to OMC. It’s a difficult one if you need a part though. If a temporary fix is possible they can probably advise.

Thanks for the suggestions. The bike is currently with Walton Road Garage, who are looking to see what can be done. Apparently, oil seals not stocked by Aprilia UK but there are alternatives, but none likely to arrive before Monday. WRG have lent me something, and hope to lend me somethibg better, but still not ideal later today when it is returned to them.