Unveiling of the Desmosedici GP12

it goes on abit :ermm: :smiley:


Hayden going for the Gadaffi look there! :stuck_out_tongue:

Does that say AMG on the nose-cones!?

yep lol nice pics

I believe (Mercedes) AMG and Ducati have a little thing going on. Quite a lot on Mercedes PR images have Duc’s in them…

AMG is a main sponsor, although will be interest to see if the potential Audi/VW purchase of ducati upsets things

is it just me or does the desmo look a lot less pretty than either the 1198 or the panigale?

Never mind that , did u see the size of Hayden ? he’s a dwarf !

why has the exhaust has a fucking sieve like effect on the end?

To help prevent crap getting into the exhaust and engine when the bike is sliding through the gravel trap.