Unusual tyre wear?

Rear tyre - I got the chicken strips down to a few mm, but the front tyre had much bigger chicken strips.

Is this normal? Possible problem?

(Ride a CBF1000)


this is perfectly normal. the size of your chicken strips will always be less on the rear tyre, also the size has more to do with the tyres construction and shape than how much you lean the bike over.

Matt can probably confirm, but I was under the impression that the front chicken strip will always be there unless you are braking HARD whilst turning (which is something you probably shouldn’t attempt, but common in racing). I know my BSB scrubs were melted to hell right to the edge on both tyres when I got them.

or counter steering into every corner lol :Whistling:

Everyone counter-steers into every corner, that’s how bikes turn :stuck_out_tongue:

Heeeeeere we go agaaaaaaaaaain! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers Matt - now I know :slight_smile:

nothing to do with braking hard while turning, race bikes will be set up more aggressively to weight the front wheel. as a rough rule increasing your rear ride height will make the chicken strip on your front tyre smaller when lent over (and will make the edge of the rear harder to reach although you still need to be actually leaning it over) and racers will use much higher lean angles than road riders. again, tyre shape has a lot to do with it IE. with my pirelli diablo corsa 3’s i could run both tyres to the very edge without the foot peg touching, but with my dunlop GP racers, i can deck my toe, footrest and ankle (so leaning further) but still have approx 6mm of un-used front

Good info, cheers!

A couple of other points. If you’re riding to the edge of the front tyre on the road you’re quite likely to be pushing your luck.

No problem on track though, in fact when you get to the edge of a track/road legal tyre there is still several more degrees of lean available because the tyre deforms to give you more contact patch.

Another factor is wheel rim width, this will determine the shape of the tyre. The wider rim gives a flatter profile tyre and the narrower front offers a more pointed tyre that needs more lean to get to the edge…unless you’ve fitted the wrong size rear tyre like a 190 on a 5.5" rim, then you’ll not get to the edge of the rear before the front.

Also some riders may actually be quicker but have chicken strips because they hang off a little… that’s my excuse:)

Things are looking up for BL - asking about chicken strips!:slight_smile:

Ah this explains why I’ve got smaller strips on the front than the rear as I’ve dropped the front end

was going to say its loading the front more reduces the chicken strip-like matt says, just not so technical :smiley: and as B said actually leaning and pushing the front a bit too much.

a mate of mine was trying to get his knee down , he was so close but he couldnt do it, looking at his front tyre he had almost no chicken strip, i said to him it might be a good idea to quit trying now as he may lose the front, and he couldnt hang off anymore, hes only little :smiley:

Lowering the tyre pressure will also help get you closer to the tyre edge but don’t tell your friend Ratty:)

its ok, hes sold it now! lol

i lower them when doing trackdays, same kinda of idea yeh, more grip as you make the contact patch a lil bigger and the tyre spreads more, also less chance of it tucking/sliding?

am on the right track:Whistling:

I don’t get it? Not a common topic of conversation?